A New Macbook Air Sleeve


After the disappointing attempt I had at making my first MacBook Air Sleeve, I had to take a second stab at it.  Don’t get me wrong, the first one was working great….it just didn’t fit in my new purse!  And a stylish girl, just can’t have that!  So here I am back for round two.I decided to base this sleeve off the iPad sleeve I made for KK.

So for the project you’ll need:

  • Exterior fabric
  • Interior fabric
  • Batting
  • Buttons
  • Elastic
  • Coordinating thread
I measured my air at the largest part and found it to be about 12.25″ long by 8″ tall.  Figuring an inch for ease and half inch seams, I cut a front piece 14.25″ by 10″ and a back piece 14.25 by 13″.  Since this pattern is not directional, I could have just cut one piece that would wrap around from the front to back, but I wasn’t really thinking…realizing that mistake too late, I just cut the batting in the same manner and forged ahead.

I sewed the interior front and back together with a half in seam and then quilted on the batting using the same method as my previous case.

I sewed the exterior front and back pieces together and then decided to take it waaaay out of the box with a bit of a curve to the back piece which will eventually flop over to create the decorative flap on the front.  I grabbed the first thing I saw that was curvy, my La Croix can – and I think it did the trick.

I transferred the curve to both the interior and exterior fabrics, making sure the curve was even on on both the left and right sides.

Next I stitched in the elastic clasps that would snag the buttons to create a closure on the front of the case.  I cut each elastic cord to 6″ long, looped them and pinned them down to the top edge of the interior fabric.  The elastics are 3.5″ from the sides of the case.  I stitched the cording down 1/4″ from the edge, making several passes to make sure the elastic would be secure.

Pin the right sides of the interior and exterior fabrics together, making sure the elastic loops are inside the sandwich.  I double pinned a 4″ opening on the front panel to remind myself to stop sewing.  This opening will be used for turning later.  Stitch the interior and exterior together with a half inch seam.

On the two curved corners, clip to remove bulk.

Turn the finished piece right side out.  Press.  Top stitch the front closed at the top, making sure to tuck in unfinished edges from the opening left for turning.  Stitch side seams in place and continue around the entire length of the piece for a finished look.  I did have trouble with the bulk at the bottom of the sleeve, so just do the best you can.

Sew the buttons in place on the front and you’re done!   I checked, it fits in my new sparkle-y purse.  A massive improvement!

After using this guy for a few weeks, I’ve found I probably could have taken an extra half inch off the front piece and had an even snugger fit – but I probably only noticed this because my purse is BARELY large enough to hold this computer!  Happy Sewing!




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