Virginia Tech Football Printable

When is it too early to start talking about college football?  My beloved Hokies don’t kick off the season until September 3rd!  That’s so far away.  On the upside, we’re playing Appalachian State and I’m sincerely hoping we can avoid a Michigan and start the year off with out spotting the rest of the division a lead as we have since 2008! Ai yi yi.  Good thoughts, good thoughts, sending positive energy.

I must not be the only one with football on the mind since the the Big 12 preseason media poll was announced this week causing all local sports news to be about college football AND I received my Virginia Tech “Hokie Collection” catalog in the mail.  Apparently the Virginia Tech bookstore wants me to be READY for football season with the purchase of all new gear.  But one of the new shirts did catch my eye:

I like the way they’ve got the word art mixed in with the helmet.  It inspired me to make a little word art of my own.  So here it is, my printable ode to Virginia Tech football!  Can’t wait to rock it this season – Let’s go Hokies!


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