Harry Potter T-Shirts

I can’t believe the final movie is almost here! I confess, I do enjoy the books more, but the movies are fun. I’m getting wrapped up in all the excitement – we’ve already got our tickets to check out the end of the series at the Alamo on Sunday. To get in the mood a bit more, I made some Harry Potter t-shirts for the kiddos this weekend:
Jack is a huge fan of Draco so he had to have a Slytherin t-shirt, Caroline’s favorite character is Hermione and Georgia has a crush on Rupert Grint, so she got a Ron Weasley t-shirt – she’s just lucky that I didn’t put I love won won on hers!

I did all the designs with some a Harry Potter font and added in an image or two for impact.  I then cut them out of freezer paper – my hand might need a break after all this work with the x-acto knife!  Be sure to save all the letters with voids.

To reinforce the t-shirt and make sure the paint wouldn’t bleed through, I ironed on a solid piece of freezer paper to the inside of the shirt.

I flipped the shirt right side out and ironed on the design.  I then ironed on all the letters with voids as well as all the void parts.  It almost looks like you’ve covered up your whole design!

Next I pealed off all the letters, making sure to leave the voids in place

It’s now ready to paint!  This is the shirt after the first layer of gold paint – I ended up doing three layers to get the coverage I wanted.  But that ended up being a bit too thick I so had to run the x-acto knife around the design to make sure not to pull up any layers of paint as I pull off the stencil.

Jack’s shirt was a bit of a challenge since I incorporated a design on the back as well as the front.

I ended up making real use of my ironing board to dry one side of the design as I worked on the other

I think they turned out great!  Jack said that he “really, really, really” liked it!

If you’d like to give it a try here are my designs:

I love Crookshanks / Weasly is my King!

Slytherin Quidditch

Quidditch Number

— Martta

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