Amy Butler Origami Bag

Don’t you think that Cosmo bag I made is calling out for a friend?  I had plenty of the exterior and the band fabric left over and just enough of the lining to make a mini origami bag.  So I picked up a zipper and set to work.

This bag is so quick to assemble, especially after putting together the Cosmo bag!  In just a few minutes, I had the pieces cut and interfaced.  Is it me just me or does Amy Butler have a strange obsession with interfacing?  I can only assume that she has the stuff delivered to her house by the bolt.  Of course, I can’t argue with the results!

And in a jiffy, the A and B panels together and top stitched down

Since I’m giving the Cosmo bag as a gift, I decided to personalize the mini bag.  Now, I had to do a bit of math because the finished dimensions of this bag include a pretty deep gusset.  So after subtracting out the seam allowances and figuring for the gusset and some guess work, I ended up with my letter placement.  I used heat and bond to glue the fabric to the bag and then a satin stitch to finish it off.

I was pretty pleased with myself!  Those curves can be hard on a satin stitch.  I mean honestly, Bridget, why weren’t you named Heather?  It’s a much easier monogram!!

On to the zipper installation.  Her instructions are fairly clear, but it’s not the zipper installation method I’m used to using.  You begin by pinning one half of the zipper face down on the right side of the fabric 1/4″ from the edge.  The zipper is stitched down really close to the coils which makes for a nice finish.

Sandwich the zipper with the lining piece (Ignore the fact that I accidentally cut this lining piece 1/2″ too short…I made it work Tim Gunn!) and stitch down.

Flip, press and top stitch down and your zipper is installed….well half of your zipper.

Just do the same thing on the other side and don’t twist your zipper as your doing it!  Sew the sides of the exterior fabric, sew the lining, leaving an opening for turning, add the gussets and turn and you’re done!

Oh, I forgot you add the tab in there too while you’re sewing those exterior sides…In the instructions it just says place the tab so that’s what I did.  Then I looked at the pictures and saw that the tab was on the other side in every picture!  Oh well, I like my tab just where he is.

And when you put the mini bag with his big brother, Cosmo bag, they look adorable together

Congratulations on completing your Masters in nursing Bridget!  Now here’s a bag so you can come out and visit us again!



4 thoughts on “Amy Butler Origami Bag

  1. Thanks so much, Martta! I absolutely love my new bag and monogrammed case. An official thank you will be making its way to you (eventually). Sorry I don’t have an easier initial to sew. You’ll have to talk to my mom about that! 🙂

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    • Hi Katie, I had left over Pellon Shape Flex SF-101 to use as the interfacing for the bag. I’m sorry to hear that step 6 is stumping you – I hope you get it figured out!

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