Pineapple Dessert Pizza with Rum Spiked Whip Cream

Oh my goodness, we made some serious deliciousness for dinner tonight, well specifically we made a drool worthy, totally worth the wait, contemplating-having-it-again-this-week dessert.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I’m talking about pineapple dessert pizza with rum spiked whip cream. It’s a lot to say, but trust me, it’s worth the effort.

When you’re ready to get your summer dessert on, the grill is the only place to go.  It’s time to gather up your ingredients and fire up the grill!

For this recipe you’ll need:

  • Pizza Dough
  • Pineapple Slices
  • 2 T Melted Butter
  • 1 t Cinnamon Sugar
  • 1/2 C Heavy Cream
  • 1 T Rum
  • 1/2 t Vanilla
  • 2 T Sugar
  • Carmel for drizzling
Let’s all pretend the sugar is in the picture of ingredients.  In my heart, I meant for it to be there….I know you feel that too.
Form your pizza dough into individual servings or into one giant pizza – whatever works for your crowd.  Melt the butter and coat each pizza with the butter then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
Then top each of those pizzas with slices of pineapple.  I’ve cut my pineapple fairly thin so it will cook quickly on the grill.
Before you ask, yes, that is quinoa coating the board.  I didn’t have any cornmeal in the house and quinoa worked as a great substitute to allow the pizzas to slide off my cutting board “peal”.  Plus we had the extra fun of watching the quinoa pop as it got hot.
Put the pizzas on to a medium hot grill – I’m using a pizza stone, but you could probably go right on the grates if you didn’t have the pizza stone.
Let’s all just ignore the fact that my pizza stone has seen better days….and that I’m too lazy to the take out the brick that I use as a weight when I need to flatten chicken.  I prefer to think of it as a heat sink that helps moderate grill temperature….sure.
Grill for 5 minutes.  Make sure to check after about 2 minutes to make sure you’re not burning the bottom of the crust – I know my grill can have some uneven heating spots.  If the dough isn’t quite cooked through, you can put it under a broiler to finish it off or you could grill the dough before putting the toppings on.  Allow the pizzas to grill while you get the whip cream cranking.
Begin whipping the cream and once soft peaks form, add the sugar and vanilla slowly.  No I haven’t forgotten the rum – you add that last.
After the whipped cream is whipped, gently fold in the rum.
Honestly, there was hardly any rum left – I didn’t add that much!   Now warm up your carmel – I cheat and just microwave mine for a minute, stirring every 20 seconds.
Top the pizza with the spiked whip cream and drizzle with the carmel.
And a star is born.
I might have licked my plate this was so good.
Try it – I know you’ll love it!  Scott make an appointment to fire up the pizza oven in August, because I’ve already got dessert planned!

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