Peach Raspberry Granita

Didn’t I tell you it was going to be a summer of granita?  I had frozen peaches left over from making sangria and I couldn’t have them cluttering up my freezer…so I decided to make some granita.  And what goes best with peaches?  Well raspberries, of course.  Might as well get frozen ones because I’m just gonna freeze ’em any way!  So I whipped up a cup of simple syrup and broke out the blender!

I wanted to keep the berries separate so I’d have that lovely color contrast in my finished dessert.  And you know there is no way I’m washing the blender out between batches so about eight ounces of peaches (approx 3/4 of a bag of peaches) and half the simple syrup went into the blender.  Then on to the raspberries.  One ten ounce bag of frozen berries and the remaining simple syrup into the blender!

I swear I didn’t alter that photo – the raspberry is so red and delicious, it’s practically technicolor!  If you’re not a fan of super seed-y raspberries, here’s your chance to strain the batch.  For me that would require getting another dish dirty so I’ll skip that step, thanks.  Into individual containers for freezing fun.

Both of these were so thick and gooey, they almost had a gelato consistency.  It was REALLY hard not to lick the blender.  OK, yes, I tried, it’s just not something that lends itself to that style of kitchen clean up.

Stir your granitas with a fork every hour for the next two to three hours and then get ready to enjoy.  Because the berries were already frozen, these seemed to set up much faster than other granitas I’ve made.

Top with a little pop of mint for color and contrast to all the berry deliciousness and then dig in!

— Martta


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