Ruffle Waisted Gauchos

I’ve been noticing more and more recycled t-shirt clothes around blogland, and just had to get my hands in there. Martta made the adorable ruffled dress, and I wanted to make some gauchos. My Little Miss loves comfortable clothes… well, who doesn’t, really?

I love all of the cute designs over at Lil Blue Boo, so I tried this tutorial for knit pants made from a t-shirt.

I tried making my own pattern, but I measured wrong, and when I got the pieces cut out, the rise was way too short! Her little bottom would have been hanging out the top! Thankfully, I had the bottom portion of the tank top left over from this tank dress I made. Perfect! I used it to make a waistband and the gauchos were born! I had to pleat the pants to match up with the waist band, so I created 4 pleats on the front and 4 on the back… trying to evenly space them…using the best ruler… my eyeballs. 🙂

Of course, they were just too plain for me, so I scoured my bin of old shirts and baby clothes, and found the perfect pajama top. The bottom was already finished with a lettuce edge ruffle, so I cut it off and sewed it to my waistband, perfect detail.

I apologize for the lack of pics… I was SO sick when I decided to sit down and try this, so pics were not on my mind… bad blogger!

Here is the finished product, on my not so cooperative model… I swear she likes them!

Ruffle Waisted Gauchos

What have you recycled your old t-shirts into? We’d love to hear what you’ve made, or if you’ve tried this project!


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3 thoughts on “Ruffle Waisted Gauchos

  1. Super cute! I need those for me! Looks like Miss C already has a summer tan, too. No Irish genes there! 😉

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