Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Little Miss requested Hello Kitty for her birthday this year and we couldn’t disappoint. A party at the bounce house calls for cupcakes rather than a slice and serve cake so off to make adorable Hello Kitty decorations.

I started off preparing some some fondant with Tylose powder.  I use 1/2 t of Tylose to every 250 grams of fondant to make a quick gum paste.  Of course there is no Hello Kitty cookie cutter that I could find on short notice so I was stuck cutting out with the template and a knife.  I got pretty good at it by the time I got to my 50th one!

To complete the look I created hair bows too.  To make the bows, I rolled out pink Tylose fondant and cut out a brick shape.

I then shaped each brick with my fingers, pinching the edges.

They almost looked like a set of lips!  To create the bow creases I used a gum paste tool to mark the centers of the bow.

I then created bow creases by pinching the centers in using the gum paste tool again

Now they really do look like a set of lips!  One final piece of the puzzle the knot on the bow.  I rolled a small ball to serve as the bow “knot”.

To attach the bow knot I used a small dab of vodka.

I put the bows aside to dry and when they’d set, I hit them with a bit of cranberry colored luster dust.

Now for the final assembly I dabbed a bit of vodka on the Kitty faces and attached the bows.  I drew the face in with Wilton’s edible food markers and I was finished!

Excellent now just 50 more to go!  Ha!

Let’s not lie, this takes a LONG time.  It probably took me about two hours to make all 48 Hello Kitty faces, but I definitely got faster toward the end.  After that, making the cupcakes and piping on pink icing seemed like a snap!

Of course the birthday girl had to have something special on her cupcake so I made a little printable just for Caroline:

Finally everything in place!  It looked great against the red background at the bounce place!

Happy Birthday Caroline!



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