Un-Birthday Treats

If you have a summer birthday, or a child with a summer birthday, you know the difficulty in celebrating this big day with school friends is near impossible once school is out for summer. My son’s birthday is in August, so every year we do an “Un-Birthday” at school. We first started this in preschool… nearly 4 years ago!

I never like to do the standard cupcake… I figure most parents bring cupcakes, and I like to be “different”. Hee hee! Last year we did a rainbow cupcake, but only because it was quite different than the standard chocolate or vanilla. 😉

This year we went with a classic, but with a slight variation… Rice Krispie Treats!

Using the standard recipe, I made the first layer with Cocoa Krispies, then added a classic Rice Krispie layer on top. Once they were combined, I added a whole bottle of rainbow sprinkles to the top! I needed at least 23 squares, so I used a large jelly roll pan to make my treats. Once they were cooled, I cut them into 24 squares… 6 cuts x 4 cuts on the pan if you need help with the math. 🙂

Next came the dilemma of how to serve them. I knew they would be eating them outside after lunch, so I decided to individually wrap each one in wax paper. Genius, right?! I know, not rocket science, but whatever.

I found these labels through Tip Junkie. Of course, I had to Photoshop it and add the “Un”, so it would be more festive for my little guy’s Un-Birthday!

The kids loved the treats, and a few of the boys were asking for more!

These were so easy & fast to make the day before the event. I’ll have to experiment with different cereals and maybe colored marshmallows! Let me know if you’d like to be a taste-tester!


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