Jelly Bean Bark

Do you find yourself needing just one more thing for the Easter basket? May I suggest the sinfully delicious, and super simple jelly bean bark?

Last week when I was visiting Vancouver, I happened upon Purdy’s in Gastown. While they had an astounding assortment of their signature candy, the Vancouver Cream, it was the jelly bean bark that caught my eye – because it was something that I could actually make at home! They did it up with dark chocolate and traditional jelly beans, but after a season of chocolate s’mores and brownies, I was ready for a chocolate break. So I’ve picked white chocolate (which doesn’t actually contain any chocolate) and sour jelly beans. The super sweet white chocolate is wonderfully balanced with the sour jelly beans!

The ingredients for this project couldn’t be easier:

Nestle’s morsels
Jelly beans (or freestyle it with whatever Easter candy you have laying around!)

The key to a solid bark is weighing your chocolate. Here I’m using a 24 oz bag of white chocolate, so I’ve pulled out 3/4 of the chocolate (18 oz.) for melting.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between heating sessions. You want to heat the chocolate until it is just melted – in my microwave it took one minute 10 seconds. Once the chocolate is just melted, pour in the remaining chocolate. Stir for several minutes until all the chocolate is melted.

Once you have a smooth chocolate-y combination, pour out onto a prepared pan. I use my Silpat because it’s the easiest to clean up, but you can pour this on to any flat surface.

Spread the chocolate out and get the party started with your jelly beans.

Once you’ve added the jelly beans to the bark, be sure to gently press them into the soft chocolate. This will ensure your jelly beans remain intact when you break the bark apart.

Allow the chocolate to cool and set and get to breaking it into bite sizes.

This really makes a surprising amount of candy!

Free form is the fastest method, but if you happen to have some cookie cutters laying around…why not pour the chocolate into those too?

You can make adorable bunny chocolate jelly bean bark!

This entire project took about 30 minutes – with only about five minutes of actual work time. You’ve probably got the ingredients to make your own bark variation in your cupboard right now, so get to work! Happy Easter!!



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