Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

The title alone makes my mouth water, but one look at the photo from Love & Olive Oil, and I knew I had to make these! How many of us sat together with girlfriends eating raw cookie dough from the tube while watching movies, gossiping, or over analyzing a less-than-perfect boyfriend? Eating raw cookie dough even takes me back to my childhood. My Aunt Genia lived with us while going to college, and I can clearly remember making a large batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and just eating the whole bowl! No. cookies. baked.

This recipe has no eggs… no gambling with your stomach lining, or driving the porcelain bus for hours.

Making the dough is so fast, and maybe too fast! I have considered just making the dough and eating it by the spoonful… like the good old days! However, if you want to make these for a party, I suggest taking the extra time to coat them in chocolate. Click the Love & Olive Oil link above for the full recipe.

Here are a few photos of my process…

The delicious dough! Try your best not to stop the process, and just eat all of this right now.

The balls rolled to about 1 inch in diameter.

I prefer to melt my chocolate in a double boiler. It takes a little while to melt these large bricks, but I tend to over “cook” my chocolate when using the microwave. This stuff is called almond bark ( I have no idea why… there are no nuts in it!), but I find it at my local grocery store. It dries with a hard coating like candy melts.

The finished product!

My more-than-willing-taste-tester husband thought these were amazing! I found that refrigerating them, and eating while cold, was a much better experience for my taste buds. I brought some to preschool pick-up, and 6 other moms thought they were delicious too! I call this a huge success!

Just like it’s cousin the cake ball, these are great for parties… you can dress them up with sprinkles, or put them on a stick for a no mess dessert.

We’re going to try this in homemade ice cream next!



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