An iPad Sleeve for KK

So if you’re like me, you have a friend who sees you make a sewing project/making a cake/creating something crafty and they say “I want one too!” or more directly, my birthday is such and such day.  It’s a dang good thing I like making stuff for my friends.  When KK saw the case I made for my new Macbook Air, she requested a case for her iPad.  In Pink.

Well since I don’t get to see her too much and we have a long overdue girl’s weekend coming up, I decided to break down and indulge this request….in Pink.  So here’s the case I made for KK, monogrammed with her initial because she loves things with her initial.

I am not the proud owner of an iPad so I had to go look up a few dimensions.  I found that the generation one iPad measures 9.56″ x 7.47″ x 0.5″ so I just whipped up my own ghetto iPad to use as a place holder.  As you can see, I haven’t downloaded any apps to it just yet.

Gather up your materials for the project:

  • 1 piece each of interior fabric, exterior fabric and batting cut to 9″ x 11″
  • 1 piece each of interior fabric, exterior fabric and batting cut to 9″ x 14″
  • Two buttons for closure
  • 6 inches of elastic cording (or whatever length is appropriate for your buttons)
  • Lightweight Heat and Bond sized to your monogram
  • Monogram stencil (I used lower case K in American Typewriter font at 300pt)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Disappearing ink marking pen
  • Cutting mat, ruler, scissors, iron and sewing machine

Begin by quilting your batting to the backside of your interior fabric.  I quilted mine using the method I described in my Macbook Air sleeve posting.  Sew the short side of the interior fabrics together using a quarter inch seam.  Press seam and repeat on exterior fabric.  If you have a directional pattern like I do, match pattern appropriately.

Next, apply the adhesive side of your Heat and Bond to WRONG side of your monogram fabric using the silk setting on your iron.  Make sure you’ve got a large enough area to fit your whole letter.  Pin your stencil to the right side of the fabric and cut out.  Make sure to check that your letter will be facing the correct direction when complete.

Position your letter on the case.  You can see I’ve used my ghetto iPad as a filler to get an idea of the proper placement.

Remove paper backing from the Heat and Bond and press using the silk setting onto your exterior fabric.  Stitch around the monogram to ensure adhesion.

Clip the corners of your interior and exterior fabric on the fold over.  The fold over will be at the top of your longer piece of fabric.

Cut your elastic cording in half.  Lay two loops of cording on to the clipped end of the right side of the interior fabric.  Sew in place using several forward and reverse passes ensuring you don’t sew past the quarter inch seam allowance.

Pin the right sides of your interior and exterior fabrics together leaving an opening at the bottom of the piece (the un-clipped end).  Mark your opening with double pins to remember not to sew past it.  Make sure your elastic loops are inside this sandwich.  Sew around the edge using a quarter inch seam (and remembering your opening at the bottom).

Turn your piece out and press.  Then sew a quarter inch top stitch around the outside of your piece, reinforcing your opening edges with a few extra stitches.

Fold the top over and mark your button placement.  Sew buttons into place and you’re done!

Great work!  Now, can you make one for my Kindle too??



2 thoughts on “An iPad Sleeve for KK

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  2. Love the ghetto iPad! My boys (and their friends) all went through a phase in early elementary school where they would make electronic devices out of paper – oldest did gameboys, youngest did cell phones, I forget what was in fashion when the middle son was that age. Somewhere along the line came a fun-foam laptop. Unlike yours, their devices all had (drawn) buttons and stuff :^)

    (i’m hunting for sleeve patterns / tutorials for my macbook air, and read this in the process)

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