Easter Bunny S’mores – Williams Sonoma Knockoff

When I saw these in the Williams Sonoma catalog, I knew I had to have them.  But there is no way that I’m $25 plus outrageous Williams Sonoma shipping to get them.  They are just graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow – I can make that!

So I scoured the web to find some recipes for graham crackers (Did you know you could DIY those?) and marshmallows.  I found a lovely write of of graham crackers at 101cookbooks.com and marshmallows at smittenkitchen.com.  So I set to work.  Surprisingly, I had almost all of these ingredients on hand, the only thing I had to buy was the bunny cookie cutter.

this graham cracker recipe makes a wonderfully tender dough.  It is a bit sticky, but not overly so.  Just have plenty of flour on hand for rolling it out.

I chilled according to directions and then rolled out and started with my bunnies.

Here are my crackers docked and covered with cinnamon sugar.  Yum!  If you choose not to dock your crackers, you will have a few puff ups here and there.  These crackers don’t spread too much so I actually ended up baking with 8 to a tray after this first batch.

OK, what are you the chilling police?  So I only chilled my crackers for 10-15 minutes rather than the 30-45 recommended.  Who has time for that kind of chilling!?  I also baked these on the center rack rather than rearranging my oven.  Here they are at 25 minutes….can you tell I was in the other room working on a blog post and didn’t smell them burning until there was smoke in my kitchen?  Hmmm, I recommend 10-12 minutes of baking time on these crackers.  You want them to be firm and not soft when they come out of the oven so you can get that great graham cracker crunch.  Don’t forget, half your bunnies need to face left and half your bunnies need to face right so they can pair up later….I didn’t think about this until about two batches of left facing bunnies had already been baked!

As you can see, I recovered from the burnt bunny incident to create a whole wonderful batch of crackers.  Gather up your chocolate, it’s time to take a dip! You can temper your own chocolate, but for me Wilton’s candy melts are just faster and my friends and family enjoy the taste.

I used a pie plate for my chocolate because there is plenty of room for the bunnies.  As I went on, I switched to a smaller bowl and just used my offset spatula to cover the graham crackers.  Send your bunny for a swim in chocolate.

As you can see, smoothing with the offset spatula gives is a “delightfully homemade” look rather than the smooth chocolate enrobing of WS.  After making a couple of batches of these, I’ve found it’s better to cover the back side of the cracker, let it set and then cover the front and sides.  You’ll end up with smoother coverage overall.  Don’t forget, half your bunnies need to face left and half your bunnies need to face right so they can pair up later.

On to the guts!  It’s time to make marshmallow.  I was a bit intimated by the the  notion of making marshmallows at first.  But after finding out how easy and delicious they are, I might never buy them from the store again.  To give you an idea of time commitment, I could match a batch of marshmallows and graham cracker dough in about an hour.  Not too bad really.  Again, I’ve got all these ingredients on hand in my house.

This is what happens when your camera gets to close to the steam when you are taking pictures of the candy thermometer.

I’m absolutely fascinated by the marshmallow process.  In minutes it goes from a liquid sugar mess to….

fluffy marshmallow goodness.

You’re not going to get it all out of the mixing bowl, don’t try.  But work quickly and you’ll get most of it into the pan.  Then enjoy quality control testing of the remainder.  Plus, since it’s mostly just sugar, it cleans up in a snap with a bit of water.

Mmm lovely pan of marshmallows, I must wait for you to chill.

Once set, you are going to have to persuade the marshmallow out of the pan.  Just go slow and be prepared to get your hand sticky.

Let the cutting begin.  Oil your cutter with canola oil before you get started and in between every bunny.  It make it easier to pop the marshmallow from the cutter.

Dust with a bit of extra sugar and shake in the pan to cover the edges.

Before marrying up with your chocolate covered graham crackers, dust off the extra sugar.

Add a bit of chocolate glue and make your sandwiches.

One left bunny and one right bunny later and….

Mmmm one giant bunny s’more!

But I didn’t stop there.  A lot of my taste testers said that there was just too much chocolate and it overwhelmed the graham cracker.  So I did a few where I only coated the backside with chocolate.  This leaves the front open to all kinds of personalization!

Perfect for gifts, here they are all wrapped up with Hoppy Easter labels!


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