Satin Flower with Beads

With Spring finally here, I want to fill my house with flowers! Unfortunately, the harsh winter we had here in the Austin area, has left us with sad flowerless crocus leaves, and a less than stellar bluebonnet bloom. I am holding out hope for a decent Hill Country wildflower tour, but in the meantime, I decided to try a tutorial for a shiny, satin flower I found at Jones Design Company. Emily has a beautiful site, and I love how she blends different neutrals to create a calming environment.


Polyester satin

Coordinating thread

Small beads of your color choice



I cut my squares following Emily’s tutorial, however, as you’ll see later, I decided to cut the largest square down by half an inch, because it was more appealing to my eye. You can really make these any size you like, and add as many layers as you like to customize them to your taste.

After rounding the corners on my squares, I got my candle burning, and slowly melted & curled the edges of each piece of fabric. Experiment with how close you can get to the edge of the flame with your fabric, and hold it under the edge of the fabric to help it curl a little.

Stack up your petals and hand sew with your thread. Before finishing, add your beads one by one to give your flower a beautiful center. I chose pink beads because I made these for my little girl.

You can see here my outer petal is a little larger in proportion to the rest of the petal spacing, thus, the reason I cut down the largest petal in other flowers to appeal to my taste. 🙂

And because no little girl can have enough hair clips, I attached this one to a ribbon covered clip so she could wear it all Spring! I found the sparkly ribbon at Hobby Lobby… on sale of course! I used a hot glue gun to attach the flower to the clip, just as I showed in this post.

And the finished product…

So if your Spring flowers are lacking like mine, go out & “grow” your own!



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