Martta’s Twisted Cosmopolitan

I do feel just a little bit like Sandra Lee ringing out “It’s Cocktail Time!” as I write this post!  But I do get asked for this recipe quite a bit so I thought I’d share my version of the cosmo.  It’s the signature drink for Oscar party and required accessory for viewing any Sex in the City episode.

You just need a few basic ingredients to whip up this dangerous cocktail


1/2 C Absolut Citron

1/2 C Triple Sec

1 C Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Juice of 1 Lime

Limes and Sugar for Garnish

Combine all ingredients and mix to create three cosmos.  This recipe does not double well – you’ll need to add more alcohol and more lime if you’re making a pitcher of cosmos.

To garnish simply run a lime wedge around the top rim of the glass and dip in sugar.  Slice a wedge of lime or a wheel to top off your masterpiece.  With this much cranberry, you’ll actually get to enjoy the cocktail without feeling like you’re drinking a shot, but let me tell you – these guys will sneak up on you!



5 thoughts on “Martta’s Twisted Cosmopolitan

  1. You couldn’t have broken this out when we were roomies?! Actually, my weekly cosmo during Modern Family is what keeps me sane. Yours sounds better.

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