Fabric Flower Hair Clip

These fabric flower clips are adorable and so easy to make! If you can sew in a relatively straight line, then you can make this! I know first hand that sewing a straight line can be challenging, so don’t be discouraged and just try this.

What you need:

sewing machine

fabric strip – I use cotton scraps



hot glue gun

3/8″ coordinating ribbon

metal hair clip

First cut a strip of fabric approximately 1″ wide and 18″ long. Fold it in half so you now have a 1/2″ x 18″ strip.

With your sewing machine, ruffle your fabric  with a 1/8″ seam allowance on the folded side… or just get fairly close to the edge! We want this flower to have a shabby chic sort of look, so the raw edge will face up.

An easy way to let your machine do some of the work for you, is by setting the stitch length as long as you can (mine is 5), and increasing your tension to it’s max (mine is 10). Do NOT back stitch… you want to be able to pull the bobbin thread and make your ruffle tighter.

Here is what it looks like right off the machine…

Starting on one side, hold the bobbin thread, and slide the fabric down, tightening your ruffle (or gather). When half of it is as tight as you like, tie a knot in the 2 threads so the ruffle doesn’t fall out. Repeat this process on the other side of your strip.

(after gathering tightly and tying both ends)

Now heat up your hot glue gun!

Starting at one end, roll the fabric like a jellyroll, keeping the bottom flat, and adding a dab of hot glue every half circle or so.

Using a piece of scrap from the same fabric, glue your flower down so the bottom portion is covered and looks finished. I use a large piece, then trim it after it’s glued down.

Set the flower aside, and get your ribbon and hair clip. Cut a piece of ribbon about 4.5 inches long…or measure your hair clip to determine the length you’ll need to cover it.

I start on the inside of the top and used my glue gun to attach the ribbon to the clip.  Just follow it around and end at the bottom of your clip. If you want to end on the inside of the bottom portion, you’ll need about 2 more inches of ribbon.

Then just hot glue the flower to the clip! Easy peasy! You did it!

Now you have an adorable flower clip for your little girl. These are great as gifts too! Another option is to glue the flower to a pin and then it can be used for adults as well.

Let us know if you try this project! We’d love to see your adorable flower clips too!


– Heather


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