Batik Napkins – Crate & Barrel Knockoff

I saw these batik napkins in Crate & Barrel’s catalog at Christmas time and immediately thought they would be the perfect birthday present for my Mom.  She loves batik fabrics and these cheerful colors really caught my eye.

Crate & Barrel's Adara Dinner Napkins

But, what the heck?  $40 for six napkins?  I can do better than that!  So I began scouring the internet for a good napkin sewing tutorial.  I found Molly’s Handmade Napkins tutorial and it looked really straightforward.  I picked up four yards of batik fabric at JoAnn’s and the most important piece of equipment for this project- the bias tape maker.

As I was cutting I realized I had plenty of fabric to make double layer napkins which is a variation described in Molly’s tutorial.  I was able to get eight 16″ squares out of each fabric with enough left over for four bias tapes of each color.  Using the bias tape maker, I was able to create the binding strips quickly and assembly the napkins.  It’s really just a handy tool for making the perfect bias tape fold.

OK, I can see that I really need to get a new ironing board cover!  I pressed the corners down and pinned on the binding for each of the napkins.

Seaming the binding tape when smoothly and after a quick press again I was able to sew the binding on.  Very straightforward, I was able to create these eight napkins in just a few hours.

Wrapped up with a pretty ribbon, I think these are even better than Crate & Barrel’s napkins because they match my Mom’s table cloth.

Pattern Description:
Dinner napkins with binding

Pattern Sizing & Selection
Molly’s tutorial recommended 16″ squares but you can do any size.  Crate & Barrel’s napkins are 21″ square

Finished Product As Advertised?

Were the instructions easy to follow?
This is a super easy pattern to follow

Pattern Adjustments:
There’s really not much you could change, it’s so simple.

Fabric Used:
Cotton, though this pattern is easy enough to make in many fabrics.



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