Fabric Scrap Note Cards

I have always had a love of stationery. But, with the advent of email, hand written letters have gone the wayside, and I have quite a bit of blank paper & cards to prove it!

A box of leftover note cards from our wedding has been sitting in the bottom of my desk for, well, almost 9 years… gasp! (Has it been that long?)  They were too good to throw away, but for some reason I haven’t used them over the years. The monogram does not suit my taste now, but they are perfect for my new “upcycled” custom fabric cards.

I first saw this idea from Cheryl at A Pretty Cool Life. So simple, yet so appealing to the “That’s So Cute!!” girlie side of me. My old cards have a border and a print on them, so I had to cover that up when sewing my fabric to the card. I love Cheryl’s simple ruffle which combines new & vintage fabrics.

My version of the card uses a similar simple ruffle, but adds a rustic background to hide the monogram.


I had so much fun making this card, and it was my favorite price… FREE! I used fabric scraps, and of course, the leftover note cards from our wedding. Now to pull out more scraps and create cards for every holiday! This one will be someone’s Valentine. 🙂



What have you created with leftover paper & fabric?

– Heather


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