Pattern Review – Simplicity 2269

Simplicity Pattern 2269

Admittedly, I’m a beginning sewer.  I’ve had a few classes, I’ve sewing a few projects, I’ve even put together a few things from patterns.  But I haven’t really gotten into the pattern sewing yet.  I was attracted to this pattern because, well, it’s adorable!  And doesn’t my niece Caroline need another sun dress?!  We only have a two seasons here in Texas: Hot and Super Hot.  So I decided to add to her collection.

Pattern Layout

Layout is easy – there’s plenty of fabric here if you wanted to do a lining or sew a matching item.

The only part of the dress where I had any trouble was inserting the neck band.  I just couldn’t see how it was supposed to fit together.  Luckily my mother, a much more experienced sewer, was there to rescue me!  Once she had it pinned I could see how it would fold out and come together, but I was seriously NOT seeing it from the directions provided!!

Once I was past that difficult part, it was smooth sailing.  The nice part was, even if you have a few struggles with the stitching on the neck band, it’s no problem because the trim covers a multitude of sins!  Buttons in the back instead of a zipper make for an easier finish to this dress.  Overall, this is acute dress that can be made in a few hours even if you are a beginning sewer.  The sizing was pretty true – I made a 4 and Caroline is wearing mostly 3’s right now so this has a bit of room for her to grow into.  The puffed sleeves and daisy trim really add sweet touches to this sun dress.  Most importantly of all, it received the approval of Caroline!

The best surprise was Heather spotted a very similar dress in Mini Boden a day after I finished this dress!  I love the funky take on classic styles that Boden offers for adults and their mini collection is just adorable.  Imagine my surprise that I was able to create a really similar dress for far less than the $44 Boden version!

Completed Dress


Boden’s Daisy Dress in Strawberry

Pattern Description:
Little’s girl’s sundress/long top with optional hat and pants

Pattern Sizing & Selection
A 3,4,5,6,7,8 – I made view A, size 4

Finished Product As Advertised?

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Aside from the neck band everything is easy to follow.  Be patient with that part of the pattern – it tough to get!

Pattern Adjustments:
This pattern worked great as-is.  There’s really not much you could change, it’s so simple.

Fabric Used:
Plain cotton, though this pattern is easy enough to make in many fabrics.  But I think cotton suits it best for hot weather.



16 thoughts on “Pattern Review – Simplicity 2269

  1. Love that dress…especially the color. Wow!
    I gave up on the process of the Oscar noc word scramble. I thank God for people (engineer minds) like you! Our lives are better in many ways. XO Marilyn 🙂

  2. I just googled this pattern as I am having trouble inserting the neckline as well. I wish you had posted pictures of your dress pinned correctly.

    • I did eventually figure it out. You need to start at the back of the neck, matching the dots and clipped parts. Then work your way around to the front. It won’t match exactly, you will have extra fabric that will get kind of squished when you join the two pieces. I used a long stitch so I could rip it out if I messed up, which I did. I sewed one part of the front three times. I recommend sewing each side separately, then after they are lined up correctly sew the front, horizontal part. I hope this helps.

      • I also am currently having so much trouble. I’m actually taking a sewing class and I think the instructor is also confused by this part because during my last class I sat there forever trying to figure it out and got nowhere. I’m determined to finish this dress. I’m going to try to google some instructions too…

  3. If you ever make this top again, please, please, please, take pictures. I have been working on this for a week. I just don’t get it. I don’t consider myself a beginning sewer but this has me stumped. I have made dozens of tops and dresses but I always use PDF downloads so sewing with a store bought pattern is foreign to me. I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. You are my last hope. (No pressure though, but seriously, you are.)

    BTW, I came across your blog while looking for help on this pattern and now I’m stalking it like crazy. I should be sewing my daughter’s summer wardrobe (it’s already in the 70’s here in Texas) but instead I’m sitting here going through your old posts. Learning quite a bit too, THANKS!

  4. OK, here’s a 62 year old grandmother that CANNOT figure neckband insertion out! BTW, I’ve only picked sewing back up since I’ve retired a couple years ago so by far, I’m no expert! How in the world do you make the two corners fit in?????? I know it shows to swivel the needle but it’s just not working for me! HELP ANYONE??????

    • I am having the same trouble with the neck band but the video tutorials are showing up 😦 I don’t think this patterned should be listed as easy with so many people having the same problems.

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