Oscar Party Menu

No Oscar Party is complete without a killer menu.  I’ve put my thinking cap on to refine last year’s menu keeping the traditional favorites and adding in a few new fabulous offerings!

For the dessert table: Oscar Party Wrap Up: Dessert table

The star of the show – Gold Dusted Chocolate Oscars in milk and dark chocolate:

The second star of the show: The chocolate strawberry tower:

Some crowd tested favorites: Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt:

Then a bit of Pinterest inspiration with Chocolate Dipped Raspberries:

Individual Tiramisu Shooters: Individual Tiramisu Shooters

This year’s additions include:

Chocolate-Champagne Truffles, courtesy of Martha Stewart’s recipe (I’ll roll mine in gold sanding sugar):

Chocolate-Champagne Truffles

And Individual Chocolate Avocado Mousse from Giada De Laurentiis:

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Now on to the savories.  At the main table, I’ll have one of my Oscar Party standards: Spanakopita 

Hummus Three Ways: White, Roasted Pine Nut and Black Bean served with crudities and pita chip ribbons: Hummus Three Ways: on display at the party

Greek Cucumber Cups, thank you Rachael Ray: Greek Cucumber Cups Ginger Soy Chicken Mini Kabobs:

Rosemary Balsamic Mini Kabobs:

Antipasta Skewers Two Ways: Italian and Greek Style:

Then over to the coffee table in the prime time TV viewing location.  Guess what?  I’ll put more food there too!  Starting with Paula Deen’s Sugar and Nut Glazed Brie served with fresh sliced pears:Sugar and Nut Glazed Brie

Classic, can’t live without Dill Dip with Crudités

and finally to round out the table, Cheese, Crackers and Grapes.

But Oscar Party isn’t completed without it’s signature cocktail…..the Twisted Cosmo!

So friends, I hope you’re seriously hungry ’cause I’m already cooking up a storm!  I’ve pinned all these to my Oscar Party board on Pinterest along with a few other party ideas in case you’re planning your own shindig.


Oscar Party Wine Charms

Update: The new version of these wine tags are located here.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program of Oscar Party prep!

I saw some adorable drink charms for an Oscar Party made by Hostess with the Mostess, but dang it, I’m gonna have way more than 12 people at my party!  So with my ballot in hand, I ran off to the computer to make my own charms.

Oscar Party Wine Charms I made a charm for each of the acting nominees in the major categories as well as all the best picture films.  Print the charms on card stock then cut them out with a 1 1/2″ punch cutter.  Use a small hole punch and piece of ribbon to tie the charm to the glass.

My favorite charms I threw in at the end:Oscar Party Wine CharmsObviously I need to label my own glass and we’ve got to have one for the person who hasn’t seen any of the movies!  And it’s possible there could be a fight over Mrs. Clooney.  So stake your claim now ladies!

So which one is your favorite?  Do you have any good ideas that I missed?Oscar Party Wine CharmsOscar Party Wine Charms Page 2–Martta

Harry Potter Food!

Well now that you already know how I did the Sorcerer’s Stone Jell-o, here is the rest of our menu for our big Harry Potter movie viewing party: 

We made our desserts first.  Pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles of all kinds for the wands. Then owl feed, which turned out to be SUPER addictive!  It was a traditional white trash snack mix.  Man do I love those Wheat Thins Stix!  And finally on to our pièce de résistance: Dragon chicken with dragon egg grapes and forbidden forrest broccoli. 

The kids love their dragon chicken with ranch dressing so I simply mixed the ranch dressing with food coloring to come up with dragon “wings” and fire breathing.  They loved it!  Caroline especially liked the fact that she could mix all the colors and turn her ranch dressing brown.  

Then to cap off our Harry Potter movie fest, a traditional glass of butterbeer for everyone!  Yum!  

I’ve tried a lot of butterbeer recipes and this one is my favorite.  Although, I don’t add the rum extract and I dash in some butterscotch schnapps for the adults.  Yum!